Tooth shape anomalies are inborn anatomical abnormalities in the configuration of dental crowns or roots. They are accompanied by problems when biting, chewing food, malocclusion, aesthetic disorders. Such anomalies are diagnosed during a dental examination or x-ray examination. Treatment involves the restoration of the correct anatomical shape of the teeth and the restoration of their functions using the methods of therapeutic, orthopedic and surgical dentistry.

What are inborn anomalies of teeth and jaws

Anomalies in the shape of teeth and jaws are different. The most widespread include:

Usually, hereditary developmental anomalies are difficult to correct, especially in adult patients, especially when it comes to prognathism of the lower jaw, deep bite. The most favorable prognosis is with treatment that begins in childhood.

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Methods for correcting inborn anomalies

The corrective scheme depends on the type of anomaly in the shape of the teeth, its degree and considerations of expediency. When the problem is minor, the bite is not broken, and the aesthetics of the dentition is not satisfactory, it is not necessary to proceed with the correction. If necessary, the restoration of the correct anatomical shape of dental and jaw anomalies is carried out by restoring them with photopolymer composites, prosthetics with crowns, veneers. Usually, through these manipulations, it is possible to restore good functionality and aesthetics of the dentition. In severe cases, it may be necessary to remove one or more abnormal teeth with the further manufacture of removable or fixed dentures.


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