All types of cancer suggest serious treatment. This complicates any other medical interventions, including dental ones. When patients achieve stable remission, treatment is resumed. Radiation and chemotherapy have many side effects. These consequences interfere with, for example, dental implantation.

How teeth suffer during cancer treatment

During cancer treatment, the whole body suffers, including teeth. Side effects of radiation and chemotherapy include:

Serious side effects caused by organism poisoning with various toxic substances, metabolic disorders that have arisen during chemotherapy can be leveled at least 6 months after its completion.

Dental treatment methods after chemotherapy

Timely dental care is necessary to improve life quality of a person with cancer. Regular preventive examinations and therapy help to get rid of discomfort, inflammation, contribute to the preservation of chewing function in full, prevent the development of pathological processes in the oral cavity. When conducting therapy, the dentist takes into account the side effects of radiation or chemotherapy received by a person. The influence of toxic reactions on the general condition of the patient and on the health of his teeth is also taken into account. Most often, due to radiation or chemotherapy, diseases of the oral mucosa develop. These include stomatitis, candidiasis, papillomas of the tongue, geographical tongue, glossitis. The increased risk of developing such diseases is due to fact that anticancer therapy is aimed at suppressing the immune function. Even patients with oncology often develop gingivitis or periodontitis. Treatment of the consequences of chemotherapy and radiation therapy can be conservative or surgical.


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